Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Chocolates and lentils!

Not an obvious combination, even though I am vegan!!!!

But, these are not edible, they are my latest glass lampwork beads, created at the flame.

First of all, a fun set of glass chocolates! These would look great displayed in a glass dish, and you'll not put the pounds on your hips!

And then lentils! These are actually circular focal beads, shaped with a lentil press. They make great pendants.

And finally, I followed a tutorial in the Soda Lime Times digital magazine, and finally got some colour out of my "magic" glass in these long and lean tubes. It's always great to master a new glass.

I've also turned some of my lampies into jewellery, but that's for another day.....


  1. The chocolates look good enough to eat! The colors in your tubes are really nice too! I also like your heart beads a few posts down. The badgers...LOL :)

  2. Just gorgeous! I love your work---and I received royal mail yesterday-that always makes me smile-I love all the beads you sent me plus the fish-all very special to me-thanks soooo much. I love surprises like that in my mail box
    I will do a post on my blog soon-I am in the process of getting set up on a new computer.

  3. You've got skills :) How did you get into glass lampwork beads??

  4. Thank you :-)

    Jade, if you head on back down te page to this post you'll be able to read about my glassy journey right from the start in 2009!

  5. My, but these beads are wonderful! The chocolate ones really do look like little chocolate candies. The lentil beads look like they have waves and sea shells inside them. They are totally gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful weekend!