Sunday, 16 February 2014

A few more badgers, and some jewellery!

The badger lineup continues to grow....
Note the cheeky fox who snuck in!!!!

We had a long powercut yesterday, so I couldn't put the kiln on. So, I took the opportunity to tackle my large stash of semi precious beads and turn them into jewellery! It ended up being a fun and productive day. I've spent today listing them on my Purple Cobwebs website.....not quite so much fun!!!


  1. good morning-I am so excited that I am your winner from the grow your blog party!! you are a no reply blogger and I also could not find how to contact you by email here on your blog. I do have an email contact form on my blog-in right hand column-if you want to contact me that way-and then I can reply back with my address thanks so much happy dancing here in the ozarks

  2. Ooh, I hadn't realised that! Have now added a contact form! Will head on over to your blog and make contact x

  3. Well, those badgers are to die for! Happy Creative Sunday - congrats to Kathy in Ozarks!

  4. Greetings from South Carolina, USA! I am still slowly making my way through the GYB party blogs and have very much enjoyed my visit here today. Your beads and jewelry are beautiful and all of the glass creations are wonderful, as well! I am signing up to be a follower and I very much hope you can drop by to check out my eclectic blog!

  5. Thanks Tanya. I'm hoping that Kathy's prize has now made it across the miles!
    Hello Lynn, great to meet you. I'll pop over and catch up on your blog x